Dream On

Art Reception & Performance

Saturday, April 27 @ 4 – 6 PM

Featuring Artists Kseniya Ostrovska & Mireille Duchesne

Music by Saxophonist, Anthony Michael

Imagination knows no bounds. We invite you to Dream On at Windham Fine Arts. Featuring new works by Kseniya Ostrovska and Mireille Duchesne. Music by Saxophonist, Anthony Michael. 

Indulge yourself while letting time stand still. Step into the dreamlike landscapes and imaginative scenes and let your mind find solace. Dream as the artwork whispers its story to you, and know that this is the moment when your dreams will come true.

Contact: director@windhamfinearts.com or call 518-734-6850.

Shadows of the Season

Art Reception & Performance

Saturday, March 16 @ 4 – 6 PM

Featuring Artists Loreen Oren & Linda Andrei

Music by Sydney Worthley

New artwork by Loreen Oren skillfully captures the allure of patterns generated by nature. Whether it’s the light on winter trees or the reflective tranquility of snowy slopes, Loreen’s pieces resonate with a grounded realism.

Linda Andrei’s first career was in cardiology, but it was her unfinished passion for art that led her to begin formal training in drawing, painting, and sculpture.  Linda’s new work tugs at the conflicting desires that we can experience.

Sydney Worthley is a singer-songwriter. Through her process, each song starts in a corner of a room, pulling inspiration from Phoebe Bridgers and Taylor Swift and ends on a stage, piecing alt-rock tunes from her 2020 EP with unreleased personal ballads.

Contact: director@windhamfinearts.com or call 518-734-6850.