Spring Fever

The Spring Fever exhibition is washed with vivid colors to invigorate and inspire.

Contemporary Artworks

by Artists Lisbeth Firmin and Christine Frisbee

Lisbeth Firmin is a contemporary American realist whose paintings and monotypes explore the relationship between people and their urban environment, while simultaneously capturing the energy and light of a specific moment in time. Christine Frisbee paints in both traditional and contemporary styles. “To paint is to show a secret part of who you are.” She is conscious of how we speak and react to people around us, and attempts to relate this in her paintings with color and harmony. 

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Artist in Spotlight: Mireille Duchesne

We invite you to come and travel the world through new artwork by contemporary abstract artist, Mireille Duchesne. 

“Words have never been my medium, painting is,” reveals Mireille Duchesne, noting that “painting is my passion, my life.” Mireille was born and raised in Normandy, the province of France made famous by the Impressionists. Captivated by expansive skies, rolling fields, and surrounding gardens, Mireille realized quite early that she was an artist.

As a young adult, Mireille traveled the francophone world, living in France and the western coast of sub-Saharan Africa. Seeking adventure and independence, she devoted herself to painting and began experimenting with color, light, and movement in her work. The influence of Mireille’s travels is apparent in her paintings as she looks to landscapes, particularly skies to convey characters and feelings. Mireille seeks to reflect the intangibles, the atmosphere, the impression a site gives, the feelings it inspires. The brilliancy of Mireille’s work is unmistakable. Join us at Windham Fine Arts and experience Mireille’s latest creations.

Winter Snowscapes

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