Endless Summer

New Works by Tatiana Rhinevault

Tatiana Rhinevault takes us on a journey, creating windows through which one sees time restored. Her art conveys her deep appreciation for the arts, her love of life and the desire to create beauty in all things. Endless Summer captures the vibrant energy and tranquility of summer through cityscapes and country scenes. 

Contact: director@windhamfinearts.com or call 518-734-6850.

Midsummer Magic

Artist Spotlight: Gina Blickenstaff

July 1 – 31, 2024

Gina Blickenstaff is a still life artist whose paintings express energy and happiness. Influenced by artistic parents, Gina has always been passionate about art. Her paintings showcase her love for nature and her deep reverence for all forms of life. Her profound love of color transcends each painting and nurtures our emotional connection to art. 

Contact: director@windhamfinearts.com or call 518-734-6850.