Landscape Paintings

A Search for Harmony

Kevin Cook is an accomplished landscape painter whose style is strongly influenced by Hudson River School artists of the nineteenth century. His landscapes are inspired by the past yet defined by the present. Over the years, Kevin developed his method of painting as a means of communicating his spiritual connection to the landscape of this region. His artwork is quiet and still. Each piece conveys an inner peace and the spirit of its surroundings. Kevin’s contemplative treatment of light, water and atmosphere turns our attention to nature and its process, promising everlasting life.  

Lisa Lebofsky finds inspiration by traveling to  remote parts of the world and immersing herself in different cultures and environments.  She seeks out areas around the globe that are particularly susceptible to forces of nature and environmental changes. Lisa becomes one with the local community and talks with residents to understand how their lives are affected by changes in climate. These personal interactions help define the subject matter and identify which aspect of nature becomes the focus for one or a series of paintings.  Lisa’s direct participation with the landscape is vital to imbue a painting with the energy of a specific place so that viewers can connect viscerally: to move, excite and engage them. Lisa paints the susceptibility of nature, correlating its restlessness with our own human vulnerabilities.

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