Robert Cue Gerhards has garnered a number of skills in his 40 years of being a woodworker, finisher, luthier, and musician. His impact on the arts industry can be greatly attributed to his custom-made guitars, each one being an envisioned design by himself and his customers. Cue’s expertise includes his use of exotic and artistic color combinations and finishes that have made his work iconic. Cue has provided his prowess to renowned American luthiers such as Stuart Spector, Fodera, Veillette, Tobias, and many more. Along with designing the stunning guitars, his musical experience has enabled him to create the customer’s perfect, desired sound. The fine craftsmanship that goes into every one of “Gerhards Guitarswork” guitars supports a lifetime warranty.

Collaborating with Cue Gerhards on this solo guitar is Ron Williams, founder of RONZWORLD. Williams is an artist who has carried his passion for painting to the world of music. Williams hand paints every guitar he works with and no guitar is exactly like the other. Ron has used his artistry to raise funds for charitable organizations including Cancer Sucks, Wounded Warrior Project, Animal Rescues, and more. Having worked as an Executive Creative Director for some of the world’s top advertising agencies has led Ron to his success and served as inspiration for his personally designed instruments.

See and hear Cue Gerhards talk on You Tube about his first strides in the guitar world.

Windham Fine Arts is honored to present Williams and Gerhards’s one-of-a-kind works, crafted right here in Windham, New York.