Charles Mcilvane works in wood fabricating shapes and forms into abstract sculptural objects.

His focus is to create works of balance, fluidity and harmony in composition. He explores sculpture cutting and shaping wood from selected natural wood. The objects are constructed by repeated 3-D sketch until realizing a unified assembly. These fashioned shapes create an interplay of motion and gesture in line and form. The choice of color enhances the finished work.

The process of transforming cut and shaped pieces into a related whole creates rhythm and movement in each of his sculptures.  The gesture of composition evokes subtle intrinsic elegance and allure. Art is a result of one’s experience. Artistic language is spoken in visual expression of unified elements. Art remains as a phenomenon of human creative nature. When mind and experience unite creative visual vocabulary replicate one’s experience as intuitive impulse and expression.

Charles received his BFA from SUNY Purchase along with completion of AAA Program in Artistry Metals at Boston University.