Contemporary master artist Diego Salado was born in the town of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. He studied drawing at the School of Art in Jerez and in 1987, moved to Madrid where he established his studio until moving to New York in 1994.     

Diego’s work explores the amorphous concept of form, blending sharp focus with obscured details.  His work is characterized as pseudo abstract, defined by broad and free brushstrokes. Diego creates a depth of field on canvas that tricks and pleases the eye with endless space depicted within.  His dynamic style burgeons through a brilliant color palette of primary colors juxtaposed with darkened shadows. Color and texture formally energize one’s relationship with his abstract compositions, and in turn, produce an emotional effect within the mind, body, and soul. Diego’s paintings command presence and elicit responses from its viewers, focusing on the extensive relationships between line, form, color and texture and the dynamic ways one can experience art.   

Diego exhibits his work in solo and group shows and in private collections throughout the US, Spain, and Europe.  Additionally, Diego is a master and creator of royal medals, medallions and decorations which are on permanent exhibition at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery.