Jamin Cooke is a retired Air Force veteran born in Illinois and currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Until recently he was a self-taught artist, working digitally and in graphite during his free time while stationed abroad. After retirement he studied under Jesse Stern, Evan Kitson and Manu Saluja at the New York Academy of Art in the continuing education program. Jamin’s work explores allegory, metaphor, and absurdity. Jamin often illustrates his own writing inspired by folktales as well as modern themes. 

“My work is inspired by literature. I try to tap into the long tradition of storytelling that connects  cultures throughout time. Working in graphite and ink, I create scenes reminiscent of storybook illustrations, capturing whimsical characters and moments of tension. Drawing inspiration from mythology, science fiction and sometimes Christian allegory, I create worlds that invoke whimsy and uneasiness.”