Liza Sokolovskaya is a Brooklyn based painter and printmaker. She was born on a hot summer day in Tashkent only to end up in cold and snowy Montreal almost a decade later. Nowadays you can find her in her shared studio in Sunset Park, making a mess while her studio mate isn’t looking. 

She received her BFA from Concordia University and her MFA from the New York Academy of Art. She works with oil, watercolor, pastels, acrylic and has taken up weaving in order to satisfy her curiosity and love for materials. Her interest in understanding these materials guide her art making which is full of trial and error. 

“I love painting, it’s something that brings enormous joy to me. I love to experiment and try to approach each work differently. The easiest way to experiment is when you have a beautiful moment to work from. Fieldstones was an incredible opportunity to try and render the beauty that I saw. I didn’t need to invent, I only needed to experience what I saw by putting it on my support. The different shades of green, the moving light, the atmosphere.”