Artist/print-maker Nancy Previs has been recording nature’s forms, textures and tones for many years. Fascinated by subtleties in light and color, she is inspired by nature’s ability to generate beauty from what seem spontaneous and random processes.

To create her multi-plate intaglio prints, she uses consciously sustainable techniques, mainly aluminum and solarplate etching, along with drypoint or carborundum. Inspired by the essence of energy around us, “The Life Force of Landscape,” she re-works her own unretouched photographic images into traditional handmade multi-plate nature prints. These images capture nature’s simple beauty, especially that found in open spaces around the island of Ireland and on the East Coast of America.

Her work is held in collections in Ireland, USA, and the UK. She has had solo shows in Washington D.C. and New York; Group shows in New York, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Washington D.C.