For the past 15 years, Paul-Émile Rioux , resident of Montréal, Canada has been exploring and innovating using photography, computer programs and 3-D models to pair science and fiction, reality and invention, taking the viewer to places that could exist in a real world as well as in a virtual one. As a photographer he became fascinated by contemporary urban environments, exposing the city as a set of perceptions and power conflicts. Conversely, he explores our shifting relationships to space and place and the way we think about the environment and nature. Technology has pushed the envelope.

Through it, Rioux disrupts our perception, breaking free from what we know to be true.  Rioux studied cinema at the Université Concordia, then communication the Université du Québec à Montréal. While he has focused on photography, he has spent more than twenty years working in the commercial creative industry. He has received many prizes and distinctive recognition for his visionary work in new technology and media, including the Grand Prix Lux (Québec et Canada.)