Lisa Battle creates a distinctive style of abstract sculptures by hand-building with stoneware clay. She explores form and line in three-dimensional space, inspired by the elements – earth, fire, water and the patterns created in nature through wind and water erosion, and the graceful arching movements of dance. “In my exploration of form, I pare down these natural shapes to their essence, accentuating smooth clean lines to achieve simplicity and elegance.” As a viewer moves around the work, the lines advance and recede, giving an undulating sense of movement. “The resulting forms evoke aspects of the natural world without specifically representing them, leading to a sense of ambiguity that I find is central to human experience.”

The subtle surface treatments of her work are derived from atmospheric firing techniques, including wood firing in a multi-chambered Noborigama kiln and pit firing. The wood firing process leads to surfaces that have depth and subtle variations of texture and color, imparted by the movement of wind and fire through the kiln. The result is both a visual and tactile experience in which the surface is inherently integrated with the form.

Lisa started working with clay after receiving a Masters’ degree in Psychology from George Mason University. She was immediately drawn to the meditative process of the work and the expressive possibilities of the material. She took classes in wheel throwing before finding her own way as a self-taught sculptor. Lisa has shown in galleries in the Washington, DC and New York metro areas, and the Brooklyn Waterfront including juried shows by curators from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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