Susan Cushin’s first interest in art can be credited to an art teacher who inspired her. However, painting and creating art pieces have been intermittent. Between taking time off to go to medical school and complete her residency in radiology, another visual endeavor, Cushin never forgot her passion for art. She began to paint more skillfully with watercolor, later switching to oil paint. When she and her husband started to visit the beautiful Catskills more regularly, she realized that painting the stunning landscapes excited her the most.  She loves being one with nature, capturing the light and atmosphere in the authentic form of a painting. Photographing the Catskills and parts of the countryside in Upstate New York when she is on vacation feeds Susan the inspiration for her studio work. She continues to improve her painting by taking classes and attending painting workshops. Cushin is a member of the Windham Arts Alliance, the Scarsdale Art Association, and Rye Arts Center. She has won awards for her artistry in painting including juried art shows.

Windham Fine Arts is excited to present Susan’s beautiful paintings of some of the most beloved landmarks in Windham.