Summer Colors: featuring Ilona Sochynsky & Naomi Blum

Ilona Sochynsky’s style progresses from hyper-realism to abstraction. Her early paintings depict recognizable single images with shiny, industrial surfaces but over time, she reconstructs her original works as unique abstract pieces. Sochynsky acknowledges the inevitability of reflection as a developing artist, detailing the intense scrutiny and introspection. Her current works of art represent an attempt to analyze the ebb and flow of the creative process with the beauty of trying new textures and paints.

For Abstract Expressionist painter Naomi Blum, landscapes have been the major subject of her paintings. Naomi’s inspiration stems from the natural beauty and wilderness of the Catskills. She originally worked on images that were non-representational but her focus is now on discovering elements from the natural world and incorporating them into her paintings. “Each painting is the result of memory, imagination and the unknown element of intuition. As an artist, I can experiment and take chances to express my individuality which gives me a sense of freedom.”

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