H.M. Saffer II is an accomplished painter and musicianHe leveraged his musical talent performing with notable French stars, and had several hit records. In 1981, HM began to study the art of Japanese brush painting, Sumi-e and traveled to Japan to study with the masters. In Japan, HM adapted his Sumi-e techniques by applying Western styles of painting. He began melding his Asian influences with Western styles to create new and different paths towards interpersonal visual expression.

As a young artist, Rinaldo Skalamera began to draw and paint the picturesque surroundings of his homeland, Croatia. Although he eventually moved to the United States, he continued to draw inspiration from the old towns and fishing boats he once knew. Widely regarded among the world’s leading marine artists, Rinaldo is a master of realism. With symphonic precision, Rinaldo translates familiar subjects onto canvas with a unique perspective, orchestrated by the delicacy of his brush- strokes and the subtle hues of his palette. With each piece, Rinaldo infuses a creative spirit and emotion.

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