Contemporary Artworks

by Lisbeth Firmin and Christine Frisbee

Lisbeth Firmin is a contemporary American realist whose paintings and monotypes explore the relationship between people and their urban environment, while simultaneously capturing the energy and light of a specific moment in time.

Her urban landscapes, following in the tradition of earlier realists such as John Sloan, George Bellows, and Edward Hopper, depict a feeling of human solitude, of people headed somewhere undisclosed. She is not interested in producing a literal translation of her subject matter but aims instead to ride the line between abstraction and realism, letting the viewer provide the final interpretation.

“To paint is to show a secret part of who you are.” Christine Frisbee paints in both traditional and contemporary styles. She is conscious of how we speak and react to people around us, and attempts to relate this in her paintings with color and harmony. 

The environment in which we live and how we live our lives is of upmost importance to Christine. As Christine expresses her art on canvas, our personalities are revealed through lines, shapes, and color. The large strokes represent emotions that drive us while the smaller lines and shapes are the influences that create our thoughts and reactions. It’s the totality of the brush strokes that reflect our character and total being, and the colors and shapes are who we are – a canvas of our personality.  

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