Always an artist at heart, Deborah Wagner spent the majority of her professional career as a psychologist, first in research and then in clinical practice.  She is known for the authorship of her book entitled “The Fifth Decade”, a pioneering work combining the physiological with the psychological challenges women face in their 40s and 50s.

With an eye towards the beauty of the individual and the world around, Deborah Wagner explored these two dimensions with her passions in both the consultation room and the artist’s studio.  Her work with her patients often translated into inspiration for her works of art.

Deborah Wagner has explored many different art forms, such as parade float design and creation, that has won awards, jewelry design and more.  Currently, she is focusing her artwork on landscape oil painting and more recently, Assemblage Art.

Assemblage Art is an art form that utilizes found objects that project out from a surface to form a 3 dimensional piece.  Deborah Wagner’s personal approach to Assemblage Art is to find interesting vintage and antique objects that she combines with crystals, semi-precious stones, geodes and other materials to create the desired effect.