Loreen Oren has a fascination with patterns, unintentionally created by random forces of nature.  The pattern emerges from shadows and light reflections of winter trees on snowy ski slopes, a mirror-like effect caused by water-filled rice patties, or the rhythm of the tidal dance, carving ripples into the sand.  The repetition of lines creates a contemplative vibration on the canvas. 

Loreen has traveled to over 40 countries, which has provided inspiration for her work.  She works in various mediums, including water colors, ink, acrylic and oil paint, but the linear repetition inspired by nature is the essence.  While her work is grounded in realism, it is distilled to the essential patterns and lines that lie within.  Her most recent work ventures beyond the realism in nature by placing a greater focus on repetitive mark-making and a more limited monochromatic palette, inviting the viewer to focus on the pattern itself.

Originally from Romania, Loreen immigrated as a child to New Jersey with her family.  She graduated from Cornell University with a dual degree Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, followed by a Masters of Architecture from Pratt Institute.  Art and design have been instilled in her from a young age, and she is a third generation architect and artist.