While steel is hard, Ricardo Arango tames it producing abstract pieces both large and small and in color, demonstrating the diversity of this powerful medium.

Inspired by the sculpture of Anthony Caro, Louise Nevelson, Omar Rayo and David Smith, Ricardo Arango creates his own concepts with an underlying interest in uplifting the spirit of his audience through heightened experiences of his materials. Arango utilizes a variety of medium in his sculptures— ceramics, glass, marble, and steel— often exploring the combination of these different elements in the same piece. The essential beauty of each material is highlighted as he places the diverse matter in unique juxtaposition, at times harmonic, at others, in contrast. Soft edges, sharp points, rounded forms often meet aggressive angles. Whether using vibrant colors, as his favored palette of primaries in metal work or stepping back to a more earthen palette in ceramic glaze and fused glass, Arango maintains a steady commitment to composition throughout his process. “The diverse qualities of materials excite my imagination. The flexibility of clay, the rigidity of metal and the fluid nature of fired glass allow exploration of the visual relationships between the materials and creation of new forms.”

Originally from Columbia, South America, Arango now resides in New York City and is a resident of Columbia Teachers College Ceramics.