Tatiana Rhinevault was born in Moscow and spent much of her childhood playing in Sokolniki Park, watching artists as they painted, day in and day out. Because of her exposure to Moscow’s many museums, theaters and art studios, the arts played a huge role in her early life and later on, in her paintings. Her older brother, a musician, instilled in Tatiana a love for American jazz and many of her friends were musicians who played classical Renaissance compositions.Tatiana’s love of the Renaissance Arts is reflected throughout her work incorporating musical instruments, paintbrushes and paintings within her paintings.

At 17, Tatiana worked as a make-up artist for the Vakhtangov Theater and soon after, she competed for and won one of the few available spots as a student at the renowned Moscow Institute where she earned a Master’s in Fine Arts. Tatiana went on to apply her artistic skills to restore icons in Moscow’s old churches, and often painted new ones. Gaining extensive experience, she traveled throughout Europe including Hungary, Yugoslavia, Spain, Holland, France and Italy for restoration projects. She continued to develop her abilities as an illustrator for several children’s books.

Tatiana’s art conveys her deep appreciation for the arts, her love of life and the desire to create beauty in all things. Tatiana works in various mediums including oil and watercolor. She utilizes rich dark colors in combination with diffused window light to create a calming but magnetic space. Her art takes us on a journey, creating windows through which one sees old streets, monuments of Europe and time restored.

Tatiana’s paintings have been exhibited and sold throughout Europe and the U.S., and her drawings can be found in several children’s books. Tatiana lives in Hyde Park, NY with her husband and son.