Synergism as Art by Ekaterina Khromin

Windham Fine Arts is pleased to present the latest and most extraordinary artwork by Russian-born artist, Ekaterina Khromin.

In this show, Ekaterina introduces us to a new and original perspective on creating art known as Synergism. By combining traditional art methods such as drawing, sculpture, painting, and collage, Ekaterina brings unique artworks into existence with texture and chromatic harmony. Using everyday household items, she creates an abstract relief on canvas, then a print of the objects in the painting. Simultaneously, Ekaterina infuses the painting with sculptural elements, eliminating the gap between painting, sculpture, and drawing. Traditional figurative forms are used only as a starting point for the creation of art objects. A new harmony arises between different parts of the image resulting in a unique piece of art and a natural merger of art forms – Conceptual Art, Pop Art, and Minimalism. Synergism as art – where the sum is greater than its parts.

Ekaterina graduated from the Russian Academy of Art with a Master of Fine Arts, and soon after, became an illustrator for Russia’s leading publisher of children’s books. After coming to the United States in 1990, she launched a successful career as an art conservator, while also evolving her creative process in her art studio in the Catskills. Working alongside her late artist-husband, Victor Khromin, Ekaterina’s creativity blossomed. Nourished by challenges and obstacles, Ekaterina never doubted the artist she would become. Ekaterina exhibits at art galleries throughout Europe and the US and in museums, including the Russian Art Museum in Minnesota and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami. Her paintings are sought by investors and collectors alike.

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